Why is it the same every year? Empty or poorly presented stands still cost people money?

May 21, 2007


What do vendors and exhibitors really get out of Storage Expo?


Launch Zone experience shows it comes down to managing your stand and looking closely at your objectives for the event. 

Is it a PR exercise? Do I want good leads? Do I need to find a channel for my products? – Over the coming month we’ll be asking some of the marketers and commercial guys from established Storage Expo exhibitors, some of the newer crowd of exhibitors and some who are looking at it for the first time about their views of what makes Storage Expo and other exhibitions successful.  

Getting the most out of Storage Expo can be a challenge – Launch Zone suggests that it comes down to three things –

§         planning early,

§         setting clear objectives and most importantly

§         getting the right people on the event – you don’t just need a ‘sales’ manager you need a ‘stand’ manager – It’s like asking your MD to do the photocopying for a couple of days. What you want is the sales guys selling and promoting your business, closing deals, building relationships and cementing partnerships, while the stand team manages the qualification and classifying visitors to the stand for follow-up.


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