Planning early –

May 22, 2007


Yesterday, we wrote about planning early. Well, this may seem like really early as it is 21 weeks to Storage Expo. But the team over there are in full effect. Most of the stands are sold or at least reserved, the keynote speaker slots are being finalized and the PR machine is revving up. So what to think about now…. Well assuming you have you stand booked, it is working out making the most of your presence there.


Any partners you want to invite along? Be they either reseller or technology.


What prominent speaker, ideally a “new” end user can you put forward for the seminar program?


What PR and marketing messages can you use to stand out from the crowd this year?


Of course, you get some good exposure if you book and plan later, but if you can use this show to drive the visibility and demand for your wares all the better in the next six months, then it could be great. 

The full deadlines for the show will be available soon and we’ll take you through each step of the way.


Tomorrow, I am hoping to interview one of the leading journalist lights in the
UK and beyond: Chris Mellor, storage editor of techworld.com.


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