Green is the new black in storage fashion

June 14, 2007


The blog has been a little quiet as I have enjoyed some R&R on the Cornish Riviera. So as I enjoyed the sand between my toes and a three year old’s adventures in the surf, it seems fitting to see increasing excitement in the storage world about green issues. Not surprising as spinning disk gobbles up power and raise the temperature nicely the IT room.


Very few storage vendors have failed the notice the importance of this for marketing purposes, but is this just confusing the end user community? Initiatives such as the Green Grid and the Green Technology Initiative are surely looking to help demystify forward.


I have just spent a stimulating half an hour speaking with Richard Fitzhugh from the Storage Expo team. Richard is Mr Keynote and is busy pulling together Keynote and seminar tracks for the event and green is BIG! 

So if you are keen to share your green tips and tricks or have a customer who is using your technology to great effect to reduce its carbon footprint, don’t be shy (Only thing to bear in mind! You must be an exhibitor – no stand, no showtime!)


If you have views on this, please let them know.

As Bob the Builder says” Reduce, reuse, recycle!”


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