Green is the new black in storage fashion too! – Part two

June 26, 2007

  Hot on the heels of comments about green being in for storage. A long discussed and much awaited great online green tech resource has arrived:  www.greenbang.com and this is how it was introed to the PR world 😉 Dan Ilett: I’ve talked and talked about this for so long, but we’re officially launching today and from now on will be tracking the news on the business of environment and technology. Greenbang is a place for everyone to chip in and debate about this, so have a look around and feel free to tell us what you think. We already have a few writers on board – one even reporting from China. But we’re constantly on the look out for contributions – be they film clips, photos or your words.  So get busy. We’ve got plenty of room for everyone. We want to keep our community interested.  The LaunchZone team like it! Hope you do too, let us know what you think! 

Then yesterday it is a doublewhammy as the Green Technology Initiative (www.greentechnologyinitiative.org) unveils its research and I also find out about a great green IT resource from great unsung heroes of the PR world: Apollo (www.apollosurveys.com). They are the team behind the PR Audit which was acquired by PR Newswire a number of years ago.


The tools are very powerful and help our PR team keep on top of who the most prolific writers are on pretty much any tech subject (or what we really like to track competitors as well as client coverage.)


A big plus for us is that they are based just down the road, although we don’t get to socialize as much as we’d like. 😉

 OK, where is the green theme here? The green angle here is they have just launched a report looking at who is writing the most on green technology and with a lot of messaging in IT and especially storage “going green”, I think that that report will be flying off the shelves onto all self-respecting PR’s desk very soon. Now where did I leave our order book!  


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