It’s offical – only 2 months to go!

August 17, 2007

On October 17th, the doors of Storage Expo will be flung open to stampede of storage professionals hungry for the tasty tech morsels to satisfy their data management desires.

Be it simple fayre like a NAS to nest in the corner of the IT department room or  a scrumptious SAN to be the storage souffle of their company. Some delicious deduplication or virtually irresistible virtualisation, tantalising tape, juicy disk or a spot of indexing for dessert.

Whatever takes their fancy can be their data dish of the day!

It’s all there for the sampling and but before I go too Jamie Oliver on you – There’s still a lot of preparation going on to get it all ready for the sampling. The techies, marketing and PR peps will be slaving over hot laptops for the next few months to ensure a vertible technology feast.


On another note, all metaphors should come with a health warning as they can take you into mortal danger a la this post! 😉 


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