Wakey! Wakey! Rise and shine storage lovers

May 2, 2008

Wakey! Wakey! Rise and shine – It’s time to get blogging on the Countdown to Storage Expo on 15th and 16th October. This year we’ll also be looking at SNW Europe at the end of October. I am delighted to be now blogging in parallel on Blocks and Files.

Well on Storage Expo – what better way to start than with our good friend, Richard Fitzhugh, king of the seminar program. (Richard was interviewed in the run up to last year’s program) Richard after a sterling job at InfoSecurity Europe’s educational program and keynote roster we hasn’t even taken a breath to get onto the knowledge share for the Storage Industry. And if you haven’t booked up yet and want to – do it now! You’ll need time to plan and without a seminar spot for one of your storage gurus (Come on now. Don’t be shy) or even better one of your product champions in the end user community. He received this from Richard this week.

“All Exhibiting companies are invited to submit proposals for consideration for inclusion in the 2008 Storage Expo programme. As you know this programme is very well attended and a highlight of the event, and a great way to get your message out to the purchasing community.  If you or your clients are interesting in presenting their thought leadership and solutions with the visitors to Storage Expo; two reminders of when the programme will be put togther:


1)     Now: The Keynote theatre. This is VENDOR AGNOSTIC, but submissions from your (client’s) end users that would be appropriate for inclusion in panel discussions, typically for 15-20 minute as part of an analyst chaired panel of 2-4 speakers, are welcomed. The suggested case studies from the end users should be appropriate for the topics detailed below under the KEYNOTE theatre. These should be submitted directly to me prior to the 20th May for consideration.

2)     19th May: a Call for papers for inclusion in Seminar theatres 1 and 2 wil be issued. You will be invited to submit up to three papers, which are delivered either by representatives of the company or guests, for consideration for inclusion in the seminar programme. The submissions should be relevant for the themes in the theatres as detailed in the description below.


Do let me know if I can supply you with any further information, or is at this stage you believe that your clients have suitable end user case studies that satisfy the topics outlined in the keynote theatre.


1. Keynote Theatre – Vendor Agnostic/ Case Study lead Examination of Data Storage

Opening Address

Platinum Sponsors Panel: Architecting for Efficiency (all speakers to have a single slide with name and job reference)

Data Classification: Can anyone really do it?

Improving Asset utilisation with Virtualisation

Reducing your data footprint with De-duplication

Email Management and Archive – How to Spend Wisely

Improving efficiency and asset utilisation with Thin Provisioning

Protecting your data with Back-up strategies

Deal or No Deal (vendor pitches to expert panel)


2. Seminar Theatre 1: Information Management, Availability and Assurance

Submissions invited on the following themes:

        Disaster recovery and Business Continuity

        Email Management and Archival

        Information Back-up and Archive

        Data Centre migration and utilisation

        Data Security and Assurance

        Lifecycle Management

        Enterprise content and Record Management

        Classification and Taxonomy

        Retrieval and Search


3. Seminar Theatre 2: – Efficiency, Provisioning and Capacity Optimisation

Topics accepted based on themes that demonstrate optimisation of assets, reduction of energy requirements and techniques and processes for optimising resources.”

Now if there isn’t something in there that you can share some gold on – Don’t bother booking a stand (aka booth) and officially check out of the storage industry. Ah, it is good to be back.




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