Spring is in the air and a Storage Expo sales person is on the phone

April 5, 2009

Life is good! I am in the US at the moment and the storage buzz is almost deafening as Orlando braces itself for the arrival of the storage industry 90 pound gorillas and minnows and everything inbetween at SNW this coming week.

Unfortunately/fortunately, I am on the west coast in the Bay area, but will be watching across the landmass courtesy of the blogosphere, twitter, facebook – etc etc. Anyway SNW always means that it is time to start thinking about Storage Expo in the Europe so we’ll be dusting ourselves down and gearing ourselves up. 2009 will of course be a challenging year for everyone (which I don’t need to remind you of here), but with all challenges, come opportunities and I hope we’ll all learn and earn more than we deserve and also enjoy the journey along the way. 

I think things storage wise will be pretty exciting this year as price sensitivity (Understatement!) will make competition fierce. We’ll see some great companies rise to the surface and no doubt be “reassigned” into the bowels of the big fishes.

But hopefully the user community (and smart, customer focused storage vendors) will be the winners with sharp storage policies and a good retrofitted infrastructure of low power usage, highly efficient and resilient storage. Sounds good!  

And it is good to be back 🙂


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