BCS is a lovely shade of green – Next event planned

April 7, 2009

This next event planned by the North London Branch of the British Computer Society sounds pretty cool in a green sort of way:

Title: Green IT in your Data Centre – Take it as Red? –

Date: Wednesday 22nd April 18:15

Venue: BCS, 1st floor, 5 Southampton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2


This event is in association with BCS Data Centre Specialist Group ( dcsg.bcs.org) and BCS Green IT Specialist Group ( www.greenit.bcs.org)


Free Event ; Refreshments ; All Welcome


Register for this meeting!

Send an email to bcsnlb@yahoo.co.uk with the following information:

– Your Name

– Job Title

– Organisation

– BCS Member (Y/N)


Registrations close by 20 April


Data centres are traditionally at the heart of most organisations’ electronic data processing and computer operations. But despite increasing focus on environmental considerations and efficient resource usage, most data centres are currently believed to have excessive wastage and over-sized carbon footprints – and to be far from green.

How about your data centre? What do you know about its carbon/green ratings? How can they be measured, monitored and improved?


Is your business affected by/prepared for the UK Government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) initiative (CRC)?

Come to this event to learn more about tools and techniques to help to make your data centre – and other aspects of IT – more clean, green and environment-friendly.


Our expert presenters include:


    * BOB CROOKS, Chairman, BCS Green IT Specialist Group

    * NEAL TILLEY, Business Development Director for Europe, Alcatel-Lucent

    * RICHARD LANYON-HOGG, Executive IT Architect, IBM

    * ZAHL LIMBUWALA, Chairman, BCS Data Centre Specialist Group




Patrick Roberts

BCS NLB Committee



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