Time to pitch your tent! Data Centre World Conference – call for papers

September 14, 2009

Hello campers!

Yep, Data Centre World Conference has announced its call for papers — a fantastic  opportunity for datacentre’s finest to pull together some nuggets of wisdom to share in Feb 2010 at the DCW conference in London.

And we at Countdown are delighted to announce that John Hatcher, editor of Data Centre Management, will soon be answering some of our questions!

If you have any questions for John, please email the team@countdown@launchpad-europe.com or twitter us @launchpadeurope.

One little tip John has already shared is that presentations by and including end users (listen up, vendors!) will be of particular interest.

More info at: http://www.datacentremanagement.com or you can find them on twitter at: twitter.com/datacentremag

The official info from the organizers:

It’s that time of year again when we begin to look for presentations for next February’s Data Centre World Conference.

Like all conferences we are looking for the most relevant topics and up to the minute conference papers, and this year we have done some research with our potential audience to see what topics they would like to hear about.

As usual, the conference will have delegates from many of the FTSE-500 companies, with many being at CEO or CTO level.

Hot topics for next year include:

•              Cloud computing

•              Power & cooling

•              Energy Efficiency

•              Data Centre Design and Management.

However, this list is not prohibitive and we will also be looking for presentations on subjects such as:

•              Storage

•              Security

•              Management

•              Cabling

•              Outsourcing

•              Consolidation

•              KVM

•              Connectivity

Delegates would like to hear conference papers from other data centre managers, IT technical experts, analysts and most interestingly key figures from energy companies.

Initially for the conference could you please send in the following information, no later that 21 September, and we will then let you know who has made the initial selection in the following weeks. Any papers not initially selected will be put on a reserve list.

1.            Presentation title

2.            Brief synopsis

3.            Presentation length (max 40 minutes)

4.            Who should attend this session?

5.            What will delegates learn from this session?

6.            Why is this issue of interest to delegates?

7.            Proposed speaker biography

8.            Has this presentation been given before in the UK? If so, at which events?


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