Storage Expo is dead – Long live Countdown2StorageExpo

November 3, 2009

We’ve evolved: just a year after we purchased the countdown2storageexpo.com domain name, Storage Expo is no more. It has been re-jigged into a new event called 360 IT, which will take place for the first time on 22-23 September 2010.

We have decided not to take this news as an affront to our blog-naming skills, but rather as a sign from the storage gods that the Countdown2StorageExpo blog was meant to have a broader scope than just the one event.

So, in a spirit similar to 360 IT—which will be “dedicated to providing a holistic view of next-generation IT infrastructure”—the Countdown2StorageExpo blog will become your source for the past, present and future of storage news and events.

We will start bringing you news on a broader range of storage events than ever before, and we will start incorporating a more comprehensive point-of-view, with a keener awareness of past and present trends—after all, we’re evolved now.

Check back here for the latest news, analysis, commentary, interviews and updates to help you stay informed on data storage and prepared for upcoming storage industry events. Plus we’ll be sharing thoughts from storage land on what Storage Expo meant for the storage industry, and what its conclusion means for the industry’s future. Got an event with a storage flavour? Tell us about it! Email countdown@launchpad-europe.com and tell us the news.  🙂


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