Presentation submissions for SNW Spring conference: choosing the right deployment

November 9, 2009

The deadline for case study presentation submissions to next April’s SNW Spring conference in Orlando, Florida is approaching swiftly. You have until December 4th—just under a month—to choose your deployment and submit it for consideration as a presentation at SNW.

Rhetorical and persuasive abilities alone will not be enough to convince the judging panel your case study is a must-see. You need to choose the deployment most suitable for SNW’s criteria this year, and you need to communicate that suitability with absolute clarity. Guidelines: your entry must be a “fresh deployment not yet presented at other events,” and according to SNW, “case studies are scored, ranked and selected by the SNW Agenda Committee based on suitability and adherence to submission guidelines.”

In other words, there are two major criteria with which to comply: adherence to submission guidelines, which seems simple enough (the entry form is available at http://presenters.computerworld.com/2010/SNW/), and “suitability,” which is a little more complicated. Unfortunately, the SNW website does not explain what constitutes a “suitable” versus an “unsuitable” entry. I asked someone from SNW to clarify this, and she said, “The two most important criteria are that we are seeking case study presentations and that they must be VENDOR NEUTRAL and non-commercial.” The following is a list of storage topic areas that SNW is hoping to cover in the upcoming event:

•          Business Continuity
•          Cloud / Storage-as-a-Service
•          Compliance & E-Discovery
•          Data Protection, Backup and Disaster Recovery
•          Data Archiving
•          Data Center / Infrastructure
•          Deduplication
•          Document Management
•          Energy Efficient/Green Storage
•          Enterprise Content Management
•          File Systems and File Management
•          Green Storage
•          High Performance Computing
•          Managed Service Providers
•          Managing Complexity
•          Networking
•          Prosumer / SoHo and the Enterprise
•          Security
•          Solid State Storage
•          Storage Management
•          Systems Integration Expertise
•          Virtualization and Applications
•          Virtualized Environments and Storage / Server Virtualization

As you attempt to determine your case study’s suitability for SNW, it may help you to take a moment to familiarise yourself with SNW’s Twitter feed, @snwusa, and their website, www.snwusa.com. SNW’s list of presenters to-date is available here: http://www.snwusa.com/agenda.aspx.

Once you’re certain your case study is a fit for SNW, strive to make that suitability as clear as possible at every step of the submission—from your speaker’s biography to the learning objectives. Writing the submission should come naturally after you’ve chosen the right deployment; if not, email us. Our staff writers may be able to help.

Also from SNW: “Many case studies are presented by IT end-user executives and managers, and many vendor-neutral technology update sessions are delivered by vendor executives. (In either case, SNW will accept quality submissions from IT end-users, vendors, integrators, VARs, consultants and industry analysts.) To encourage contemporary content, we request that all proposals discuss fresh deployments not yet presented at other events.”

SNW is expecting more than 150 individual sessions to take place at this Spring’s conference.

Click here to submit: http://presenters.computerworld.com/2010/SNW/


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