Exclusive: New UK Storage Event Unveiled (Stuart Leigh from BTC interview part one)

February 24, 2010

The Countdown team’s interview with Stuart Leigh was supposed to be quick and extremely useful interview about BTC’s Storage Awards, the STORRIES. However, very soon into the discussions something else came to light which is hot off the press; in fact, this is pre-press. So Stuart’s interview will be a two-parter, the first installment focused on this new event.

…….. (contd.)…

COUNTDOWN 2 STORAGE EXPO: So Stuart, last time we met we were lamenting the death of Storage Expo and its somewhat confusing rise from the ashes as the 360IT event. At the time we suggested that BTC resurrect a storage focused event perhaps on the day of the STORRIES. Can you update us on that?

SL: Absolutely, well I can tell you that there will be an event. It’s all still forming with the detail but I can tell you that it won’t be on the same day as the STORRIES. It’ll be sometime in October.

CD2SE: Do you have a venue and any pricing info to share at these early stages?

SL: Absolutely, the venue is Vinopolis [NB: I am sure the storage industry will be most happy with this choice of venue. Hic!] and all the stands will be £2,000. All the same size, 3.5m by 2m, either with or without walls.

CD2SE: With regards to capacity, what are your estimates for attendance?

SL: We are planning for 1,000 attendees and for that we’ll need 3,000 pre-registered attendees.

CD2SE: Is it just an exhibition or is there some kind of conference program?

SL: Yes, we’ll also have a speaker program with something like 15 slots.

CD2SE: As all exhibitors are created equal here, how will the slots be allocated?

SL: As you rightly say there is no one bigger exhibitor wise than any other, so it’ll be first come, first served. We’ll also be aiming for a very high profile keynote speaker similar to the one we have for the Green IT show (ed. By the way, the CD2SE team will be lobbying hard on this to get another great speaker over to the UK to wow the crowd our good friend, Jon Toigo, Mr Drunken Data himself. We’ll be mobilizing our contacts in the end user community to second of choice. Or is there someone else you’d like to see sharing their insights at this event? Let us know at by leaving a comment here or by emailing us at countdown@launchpad-europe.com).

CD2SE: Obviously, some other shows have other very marketing buzz feels to them with things such as virtualization and cloud computing highlighted. Are there any topics you see as being prevalent?

SL: Yes, we will have themed areas, one of which is more a virtualization vs the cloud. There still seems to be a lot of confusion out there for people across these two areas so we’re addressing this in the Magazine in June and the event will have a themed area for that. In addition, we’ll have a channel area too.

For more information on this planned event, please visit BTC’s website – www.btc.co.uk or email Stuart directly on stuart.leigh@btc.co.uk. We’ll also produce an updated post with additional info on this nearer the time.

So despite the death of one of Storage’s greatest events, Storage Expo, it looks like that’s a busy month with other events such as the Storage focused part of IPExpo (London) and SNW in Frankfurt (London), plus the new event Stuart has shared with us here. The Countdown team is now contemplating some kind of online resource for people to ensure we don’t miss a trick re: where we could keep the networking in the storage networking industry. So there may also be an exclusive on some new resources on our site as well as on this event.


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