VMWorld Report: Rimmergram’s wrap-up on Lycra and male booth bunnies

October 21, 2010

Hi all,

As the Countdown team didn’t manage to get across the channel to the land of fairytales and great beer – yes Copenhagen for VMWorld readers, we asked the fabulous Jane Rimmer of Hi-Viz Marketing to give us a low-down of the Virtualisation show-down…. But we were pipped at the post. Tom Howarth had already got her on the blogging case with this. Never fear in the spirit of blog camaraderie Tom and Jane have allowed us to post a little teaser here (this is it by the way) and then you can hop over to the blog posts themselves on www.planetvm.net. PS note to self must get an interview lined up with Tom about his life in Chorley and the pressures of ruling an entire planet, even a virtual one!

Set your mouse to warp speed as you are transported to @Rimmergram’s final day wrap up here.



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