Don’t Waste IT: Green IT Awards Now Open for Nominations

February 9, 2011

By Olivia Shannon (@olivia_at_o)

If your company has made a significant contribution to improving the IT industry’s environmental impact over the past year, you may want to enter the Green IT Awards 2011.

The Green IT Awards showcase and reward the technology, tools, solutions and organisations that have made significant contributions to improving the IT industry’s environmental performance.

Categories include best cloud/virtualization project of the year, hardware product of the year, manufacturer of the year and more.

To enter, simply click here by March 4th and submit a maximum of 1200 words on the nature of your green IT project and how you overcame any challenges. List the names of all parties involved and explain when the project took place. As with any award submission, include as much supporting evidence as possible. You could, for example, describe specific savings made in carbon emissions, miles travelled, pounds saved or energy consumption.

The awards committee will announce finalists on March 9th; voting is open to the public until May 5th.

If you win, you better be prepared to party: the ceremony will take place in the swanky Prince Albert Suite of the London Zoo in Regents Park. Standard tables for ten are available from £1995 (exc.VAT). Event organisers say the awards present “a unique opportunity for the IT industry… to entertain corporate clients and business partners and network with peers.” There are some great pictures of the merrymaking winners at last year’s awards here – and check out their living trophies.

Have you helped improve the IT industry’s environmental performance this year? Tell the Countdown team about your green IT projects at storageexpo@launchpad-europe.com


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