Storage in 2011: Over $1 Billion in VC juice – Honestly, it’s not about the price tag (Well actually it probably is)

January 4, 2012

By Rose Ross, @Rose_at_O

How we love Jean-Jacques Maleval and the Storage Newsletter. This time they have put together a great overview of the storage industry in 2011 – looking at the start-up community, funding etc.

To pull out a couple of interesting facts from our perspective:

  • Firstly, but not too surprisingly, we see where the storage start-up action is:
  • In pole position is the US with 265 of the start-ups; trailed by a good few laps by France (17), the UK (15), Canada (12) and Israel with (11)



  • The storage start-up birth rate is not as strong as it was at its strongest (12 years ago before the dot com crash) with a whopping 95 start-ups – positive baby boomer time. Last year we saw around 12 new storage start-ups formed down from 19 in 2010.


But on the positive according to Storage Newsletter 2011 was a “Record Year in Financial Funding
2011 was a record since 2003 in the amount received by storage start-ups” totaling over $1 billions

In total, it was reported that 16 start-ups secured over $20 million in VC funding in 2011. The story here in full

Well we’ll all be keeping a keen eye on the space and of course hopefully we’ll see many of you next week in London to celebrate 2011 and ring in New Year storage style with some #storagebeers. (A rendition of Auld Lang Syne is not planned, Maybe Jessie J will pop by and blast out some tunes? “It’s not about the money. money. It’s not about the money, money, money. Just want to make the world dance. Forget the price tag….” Unlikely, but you never know what might happen at one of these things.:) )

PS – Details of the location here courtesy of @Storagebod, storagebeers keeper of the pint glass of (calling) time.


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