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TheBDevent June 2010 details unveiled

March 11, 2010

The Countdown 2storageexpo team have just learnt the gen on TheBDevent, planned for June in Boston. Next week, the team will be interviewing the team behind it and some of the European attendees from the January 2010 event to get the full scoop. In the meantime, here’s the official announcement:
It is a technology networking and business development-only event, today announced details for its June 2010 conference, to be held June 15-17 in Boston, MA at the Sheraton Boston Hotel. Registration is now open and is limited to 200 qualified senior executives in the storage, networking, security, virtualization and cloud computing industries.
TheBDevent offers educational, networking and business development opportunities without the sales and marketing distractions of typical trade shows. “The time and effort to attend TheBDevent in Palo Alto by our executive team was well worth it,” said Brian Reagan, senior vice president of marketing and business development at Xiotech Corporation. “We were able to save money and maximize our time with multiple meetings over three days because the pertinent players and industry influencers were in one place at one time for this specific purpose – to meet with each other, see what business could be done, and get the company message out.”
Peter Levine, senior vice president and general manager of the Datacenter and Cloud Division at Citrix Systems, will provide a keynote address. Dr. Peter Cowden, a recognized leader in the field of executive career management and founder of Executive Destinations, will speak on leadership and success in technology companies, and Peter Bell, general partner at Highland Capital Partners, will offer insights into breakthrough technology investments, what it takes to get the venture community seriously interested, and the key criteria required to build a successful business. In addition to the featured speakers, executives from large system vendors will join for panel discussions on hot technologies and where business development activities should be directed for the foreseeable future.
Peter Levine states, “I participated in the very first BDevent and enjoyed having focused discussions with other industry executives. I look forward to meeting and networking with partners and industry insiders at the upcoming Boston event.”
The successful Palo Alto BDevent, held in January, attracted executives, consultants, and financial experts, including more than 40 CEOs and featured keynotes by David Hitz, executive vice president and founder of NetApp, and Jack Domme, CEO of Hitachi Data Systems.

Registration is now open with a fee of $675 per person prior to April 24th. Press member registration is complimentary. For registration details and updates visit

About TheBDevent

TheBDevent is an exclusive industry-insider only business development event designed to maximize growth and profit potential for CxO and VPs of vendor companies, financial executives and high-level consultants. TheBDevent is based on a collaborative effort of industry insiders, spearheaded by Greg Duplessie, General Partner at Ridge Partners, LLC. Information can be found at

VaNessa Duplessie, Ridge Partners, LLC



Spring is in the air and a Storage Expo sales person is on the phone

April 5, 2009

Life is good! I am in the US at the moment and the storage buzz is almost deafening as Orlando braces itself for the arrival of the storage industry 90 pound gorillas and minnows and everything inbetween at SNW this coming week.

Unfortunately/fortunately, I am on the west coast in the Bay area, but will be watching across the landmass courtesy of the blogosphere, twitter, facebook – etc etc. Anyway SNW always means that it is time to start thinking about Storage Expo in the Europe so we’ll be dusting ourselves down and gearing ourselves up. 2009 will of course be a challenging year for everyone (which I don’t need to remind you of here), but with all challenges, come opportunities and I hope we’ll all learn and earn more than we deserve and also enjoy the journey along the way. 

I think things storage wise will be pretty exciting this year as price sensitivity (Understatement!) will make competition fierce. We’ll see some great companies rise to the surface and no doubt be “reassigned” into the bowels of the big fishes.

But hopefully the user community (and smart, customer focused storage vendors) will be the winners with sharp storage policies and a good retrofitted infrastructure of low power usage, highly efficient and resilient storage. Sounds good!  

And it is good to be back 🙂


Catching up with John Hatcher, Editor at Data Centre Management Magazine

July 10, 2007

 This week we are pleased to have caught a little time with John  Hatcher, Editor at Data Centre Management Magazine: 

Tell us a little bit about your publication and its interest in storage: 

Our publication is called Data Centre Management Magazine and is aimed at Heads of IT, plus facilities managers, who are playing a greater role in server room planning and issues such as power and cooling. The magazine covers a broad spectrum of subjects from servers to storage, power and cooling to managed services. The magazine is for anybody that has a rack in-house to a large financial institution that is looking to outsource some of its IT operations 

What’s hot in storage this summer? 

One of the biggest issues that I come across is storage virtualisation. It seems that it is beginning to go mainstream. 

How many Storage Expos have you been to? I could say too many, but I think its about 6. 

 This year is Storage Expo better than ever or is it like some shows in decline? 

Storage Expo appears to be growing, and from my point of view two days never seems like enough time to see everyone that I would like to. 

What types of stories or companies are likely to attract your attention this Storage Expo? 

It would be interesting to see if solid state storage is gaining any ground, and it is always interesting to see who is (or supposed to be) buying who. 

How many interviews do you think you’ll do? 

I usually see around 20 -30 companies per day. 

When do you start planning your diary at Storage Expo? 

In the month prior to the show. 

Who is worth listening to? 

Anyone with something new. 

What’s your favourite blog ?  

Don’t have one. I haven’t got the blog bug, so to speak. 

What is your favourite piece of technology? 

I like all the regular things like digital cameras and mp3 players, but I am not an ‘early adopter’. I play golf but despite the technological advancements there is still not a driver made that guarantees I won’t be in the trees for my second shot. 

What do you think is the most important development in storage networking to date 

Most recently, virtualisation. 

What is the best piece of advice for exhibitors at Storage Expo? 

Don’t baffle your customer with the technology. Explain the benefits of your product for their business. 

John, the team looks forward to catching up at Storage Expo. If not before!


Lost? I knew putting encryption on backup tapes would be useful

May 17, 2007

Couldn’t resist this. IBM have now had backup tapes lost by a contractor. According to this news item from Computerworld:, thank goodness IBM had the forethought to include encryption into the LTO4 tape drive spec. Possibly a little late for this one though, but obviously a darn good idea. But it also reminds me of a lovely post by Mr Toigo on this issue (but unrelated to the IBM incident) including photos of unattended tapes in the back of a lorry which I am pleased to have another excuse to  have a look at:”How tapes get lost”: