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Don’t miss Peter Levine at @theExecEvent next week in Santa Clara

September 6, 2011

By Rose Ross, @Rose_at_O

Seriously after having seen Peter at theExecEvent last year in Boston and he is definitely worth listening to! Last June he was discussing in the context of his role at Citrix on VDI and the inportance of storage within that environment. Next week Peter will take the stage with his VC hat firmly on.

As the ExecEvent’s founder, Greg Duplessie states: “Peter Levine, ExecEvent alumni, major-league silicon valley tech player and now Venture Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, is our new event kickoff speaker (replacing Mike Feinberg of EMC).  Peter is a great speaker and is very insightful and knowledgable about the storage, cloud, virtualization and security spaces.  Peter  has (or will very soon) be leaving his part-time role at Citrix and is going back into the VC world full-time.  He tells me with his new role at Andreessen Horowitz (a top-tier VC firm) he is anxious to talk to our attendees and explore opportunities.” Crunchbase profile is a useful backgrounder on this VC firm:

OK, so go and schnap yourself a place at the front of the auditorium. There will be plenty of other great discussions and contacts to be made next week. More info on the ExecEvent here: Just sad I can’t get over for this one. But my fingers are firmly crossed for the January Marketeers Summit.

PS The ExecEvent will also premier in London on October 19th. Very handy for those execs travelling to London for IP EXPO that day 🙂 Watch this space for more on that soon.


ExecEvent – One we really didn’t want to miss

February 4, 2011

by Rose Ross, @Rose_at_O

Alright, enough of this!

We were very much hoping to get over to Palo Alto last week for the ExecEvent (formerly the BDEvent reviewed here previously) but the planets didn’t align. We’ll try to get over it and focus on better timing for our calendars for Boston in June and London hopefully later this year.

Anyway, to share some of the great stuff from last week’s fun here is founder and organiser, Greg Duplessie’s insight into the days there in a tid bit format here. Enjoy!


Q and A: George Crump, Storage Switzerland

October 24, 2010

Last time, we met George was in Boston for the BDevent. Now based in Texas, we are delighted that’ll be in Frankfurt this week for SNW Europe. Here’s a little more on George:

Q. Tell us a bit about your firm?

GC: Storage Switzerland is an analyst firm focused on the storage, server virtualization and cloud marketplaces. We work with technology suppliers to help educate the market on the various topics that concern those marketplaces through the use of content like articles, blogs, briefing reports, case studies and product test drives. All of that content is published on our web site In addition to this material we have blogging responsibilities on Information Week, Network Computing and SearchStorage.

Q. What is hot in storage this year?

GC: 2010 and more than likely 2011 will be maturing years for more than they will be a breakout year for any particular technology. The technologies that we expect to see major maturation are solid state disk, cloud storage and network convergence. We also expect to see server virtualization be the key driver in advancements in storage including driving down the entry price of shared storage in the first time adopter market as well as continued pressure on improving performance in the high end market.

Q. How many storage events do you attend each year?

GC: We usually cover both storage networking worlds and now SNW Europe. We also cover VMworld USA every year. We occasionally will attend Storage Decisions. Finally we have attend every The BD Event and will continue to do so. I am most looking forward to SNW Europe as I have not attended that before and I am giving a talk on “Addressing the Storage Challenges Caused By Desktop Virtualization”

Q. What types of stories or companies are likely to attract your attention this year?

GC: I am always interested in solid state disk as well as the general deduplication market. My colleague Eric Slack is become quite the specialist in object storage based systems and storage resource monitoring tools.

Q. How many briefings do you do per week?

GC: We typically have an open spot for non-client briefings once per day at either 10AM Central time or 3PM central time depending on the country of origin of the supplier. The rest of the day is devoted to client and end-user briefings as well as of course to creating the actual content. As time allows and if our interest is there we will write up a briefing note that is posted to our web site and distributed to the supplier, that summarizes our thoughts on the briefing.

Q. What is the best way to pitch a story to you?

GC: We really don’t receive story pitches per se. We like to be briefed on a technology or product and then write up our own finding on the product. We will then write stand alone articles that provide thought leadership and education on the storage, server virtualization and cloud market places. As for reaching us, without question it is email.

Q. What is your favorite blog?

GC: Other than my own? I’d say my favorite is Mike Workman’s CEO of Pillar, followed closely by Howard Marks.

Q. What is your favorite piece of technology?

GC: Anything Apple. Right now the iPad is my primary travel device and it has become quite a replacement for my laptop.

Q. What is the best advice for companies that provide briefings?

GC: Remind me what you do on every briefing. I talk to a lot of companies and sometimes I forget who does what. Second get right to the point. I’ve been doing this a while. I know that storage is growing and customers are having challenges meeting the demands of users. Third use pictures, I’ve heard they are worth a 1,000 words.

Q. What is your favorite restaurant?

GC: Eduardo Mexican Restaurant in Stafford Texas outside of Houston. A little hole in the wall restaurant that makes a special salsa by request and it is spicy as I have every tested. The rest of the food is good too.

Q. Are you a social media lover?

GC: Don’t tell anyone but I tolerate social media, I’m pretty sure it’s just a bunch of industry insiders that are chatting with each other. I’m not convinced that a lot of IT readers actually use it for information. We are there and we use it I’m just not in love with it.

Q. Tell us something no one knows about you?

GC: I am an avid triathlete (swim, bike run). I do three or four long distance events (half Ironmans) per year and as many short distance events as I can squeeze into my schedule. A couple of years ago I did 47 in one year.

A big thank to George for sharing some of the Storage Switzerland goodness. When we catch up with him for #storagebeers in Frankfurt we’ll also add in the Why is it called Storage Switzerland? – Prost!


Business Development? – There’s an event for that – The BDEvent

July 8, 2010

Earlier this Summer I was able to get along to our first BDEvent (where BD stands for business development)

Obviously, it is a bit of a hike from London to Boston and just over three days is a mighty big investment of time, energy and money. So was it worth it?


It brought together over 100 of the storage networking industries finest to network and share experience and provide insights into the VC community, OEM deals and latest technology. Launchpad Europe was even invited to do a session. It covered info on Launchpad and also the increasing importance of social media in this field. (A big thank you to @storagebod, @chris_mellor, @joebaguley, @ianhf, @stevie_chambers, @chrismevans, @stuiesav, @daniel_eason, @mpyeager, @peglarr  and @sepatonjay for their invaluable insights for the latter part of the presentation.)  If you’d like a copy just email countdown[at]Launchpad-europe[dot]com or @ reply to @launchpadeurope.

The BDEvent participants included marketing, sales and technical folks from both the BIG vendors, emerging players and the start-up community, PR folks, business development consultants and channel experts, legal eagles, VCs, the media and analysts. So it was great to put faces to names (and twitter handles) and also catch up with old colleagues and even some of our customers. All in all, an excellent place to get an update on what’s happening in the market and in the markets.

There were many highlights for me aside from meeting many great people in the industry. Here’s a short(ish) overview of them:

Event kick-off was an excellent overview of the VC landscape for storage networking companies by Peter Bell from Highland Capital Partners. His focus was the importance of Business Value Creation for partners and investors. It was very insightful and then I knew we were in for a quality couple of days. Towards the end of day one after some great quick fire overviews on IceWeb, DataStor and Silver Peak, we were treated to an excellent keynote by Jim Damoulakis, CTO at Glasshouse and Dave Ellard, VP of IT at Avery Dennison. This looked at “Enabling the Private Cloud” – so I’m sure you can imagine this was a lively debate. A big question is still what exactly is the Cloud. Day two kicked off with innovation games led by Jason Tanner at Enthiosys, it was a very interesting exercise and gave a useful insight into some of the ways agile product development is being deployed in vendors.

After lunch David Broadwin from Foley Hoag, gave a legal eagle view of Trends in financing in Data Storage and the graphs were extremely telling around funding. Top tip seems to be go for funding in California, the warm weather seems to bump up the funding.

Day two had a good series of vendor presentations from Sepaton, SANpulse and Seven10 which was a useful update on some of the key technologies and where they are heading.

The second day was bought to a very successful close of the formal program with an excellent keynote by Peter Levine from Citrix, looking at desktop virtualization and what it means for the storage industry. There are still some storage nuts to be cracked to fully realize the potential, but it will no doubt drive a lot of the growth in data storage in perhaps an even greater way than server virtualization has.

As a marketer, my favourite session was however the breakout session on day three for marketing professionals. Expertly chaired by the fabulous Brad O’Neill, CEO of Techvalidate (and former analyst at The Taneja Group). This format of a roundtable with open dialogue really tapped into the vast experience in the crowd. Excellent insights into the age old challenges of lead generation and there was a noticeable swing regardless of topics to the role and importance of social media for marketers. Overall, a definite sense that social media has a very important role for marketers and is ignored at one’s peril.

Due to a clash of sessions, I didn’t get to the Business Development Roundtable. So keep your eyes open for a guest blog post on that session by John McArthur of Walden Technology Partners in the coming weeks.

So peeps save this date for 201. The next BDEvent is: January 25th-27th at the Sheraton Palo Alto.  It will be storage focused, though they expect some folks like VMware and Oracle to participate as well – So the weather forecast sunny but with a good chance of cloud and virtualization.

Other news from the BDEvent team is a bit of a scoop. There will be a London event in 2011 with a focus on storage, cloud and virtualization, aimed at vendors and channel partners. Watch this space for more news on that. Plus there’ll be a BDevent related announcement on our sister blog about something with a little bit more of an IT security flavor coming soon too! Exciting times.

Greg Duplessie, father of the event summed it up perfectly: Where else can you get so many industry executives in one confined space at one time?  This Boston event was a huge success for all of the attendees.” – Greg I couldn’t agree more. Great job by you, VaNessa and the rest of the BDEvent team. See you in Palo Alto if not before…


TheBDevent June 2010 details unveiled

March 11, 2010

The Countdown 2storageexpo team have just learnt the gen on TheBDevent, planned for June in Boston. Next week, the team will be interviewing the team behind it and some of the European attendees from the January 2010 event to get the full scoop. In the meantime, here’s the official announcement:
It is a technology networking and business development-only event, today announced details for its June 2010 conference, to be held June 15-17 in Boston, MA at the Sheraton Boston Hotel. Registration is now open and is limited to 200 qualified senior executives in the storage, networking, security, virtualization and cloud computing industries.
TheBDevent offers educational, networking and business development opportunities without the sales and marketing distractions of typical trade shows. “The time and effort to attend TheBDevent in Palo Alto by our executive team was well worth it,” said Brian Reagan, senior vice president of marketing and business development at Xiotech Corporation. “We were able to save money and maximize our time with multiple meetings over three days because the pertinent players and industry influencers were in one place at one time for this specific purpose – to meet with each other, see what business could be done, and get the company message out.”
Peter Levine, senior vice president and general manager of the Datacenter and Cloud Division at Citrix Systems, will provide a keynote address. Dr. Peter Cowden, a recognized leader in the field of executive career management and founder of Executive Destinations, will speak on leadership and success in technology companies, and Peter Bell, general partner at Highland Capital Partners, will offer insights into breakthrough technology investments, what it takes to get the venture community seriously interested, and the key criteria required to build a successful business. In addition to the featured speakers, executives from large system vendors will join for panel discussions on hot technologies and where business development activities should be directed for the foreseeable future.
Peter Levine states, “I participated in the very first BDevent and enjoyed having focused discussions with other industry executives. I look forward to meeting and networking with partners and industry insiders at the upcoming Boston event.”
The successful Palo Alto BDevent, held in January, attracted executives, consultants, and financial experts, including more than 40 CEOs and featured keynotes by David Hitz, executive vice president and founder of NetApp, and Jack Domme, CEO of Hitachi Data Systems.

Registration is now open with a fee of $675 per person prior to April 24th. Press member registration is complimentary. For registration details and updates visit

About TheBDevent

TheBDevent is an exclusive industry-insider only business development event designed to maximize growth and profit potential for CxO and VPs of vendor companies, financial executives and high-level consultants. TheBDevent is based on a collaborative effort of industry insiders, spearheaded by Greg Duplessie, General Partner at Ridge Partners, LLC. Information can be found at

VaNessa Duplessie, Ridge Partners, LLC