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Summer storage news sizzlers: Top 5 storage journalists in EMEA on “Backup and Recovery”

August 10, 2011

By @Rose_at_O

Apologies for the pun, but in storage land “Backup and Recovery” continues to be a hot topic for the industry. We’ve identified the top 5 journalists scribing on the subject over the June and July period.

Top tech journo on the list, Chris Mellor has been profiled twice before here on the Countdown blog. Check out the interview here.

We’ll try and catch up with the others to profile for you on the blog soon. Happy Summer pitching!

Name Story Count Rank Top Titles  
Chris Mellor 9 1 The Register
Gunnar Håkansson 8 2 Techworld Sweden
Dirk Srocke 7 3 Search Data Center
Marc Jacob 5 4
Gilbert Kallenborn 4 5 01Net France

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